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Covid Safety

What is NSFM doing to try and safeguard against Covid-19 during the event?

While the provincial restrictions have been lifted, Covid-19 is still a concern. NSFM is implementing the following steps during the event to try and minimize the spread of the virus to keep our delegates, staff, and resort staff safe. As leaders in your communities, we know you will support these initiatives:

  • We are requiring that all delegates and staff wear masks at the event. Please bring your own with you. We will have extras on hand if necessary
  • If you are not feeling well, we ask that you not attend the event
  • While social distancing is challenging due to our set-up, we ask you to maintain social distancing whenever possible
  • For all breaks, meals, receptions and socials we ask that you try to stay with one consistent group and only remove your masks to eat or drink when seated
  • We encourage frequent hand washing and sanitization